Welcome to web innovation!

In 2008, Web Innovation was founded as a superior alternative for trading and distributing IT devices and accessories, including laptops, computers, and related products. By 2010, it had established itself as a leading retailer, distributor, and service provider in Oman, serving a vast number of customers and making them happy.

At Web Innovation, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring that our customers stay updated with the latest technology in the age of information and entertainment without breaking the bank.

Our range of services doesn’t end there – we also offer repair, maintenance, and installation services through Web Innovation, enabling us to solve any issues that our customers may encounter. Additionally, we provide web development and SEO services, allowing individuals and businesses to create their own websites with ease.

We firmly believe that our exceptional product quality, services, and competitive pricing are the pillars of our customer support and the key to our success.

Meet the team


mr junaid
Sale manager

mr khurram
Repair service

Office Assistant